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I do strategy @ SWARM

A few words about me

I founded SWARM a creative services company that provides businesses with ad-hoc application strategy, design and development; mostly however we think about using technology in new and interesting ways and applying it through mobile, wearable and second screen apps. Prior to SWARM, I built Exversion, a First Growth Venture Network, Friends of eBay, and TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield alumni company, and was CMO at CartoDB a growth stage cloud data visualization platform that is slowly taking over the world.

I have 8+ year experience marketing digital products with a data driven results first approach, enjoy speaking publicly and writing when I get the chance. I'm currently working on a model to minimize risk attributed to the launching new digital properties. Ping me to learn more.

This is what I do

Digital Strategy

Positioning for growth in today’s expansive digital landscape requires more than a sense of urgency and a mobile app. Effective strategy has its basis in domain expertise, astute business sense, and a realistic approach to technology. Today, a digital first solutions approach is not only becoming more important to the world’s leading enterprises but is proving pivotal to competing in a world where upstarts can grasp sizable market share in what often seems like the blink of an eye.


Growth marketing needs to take into account brand, strategic objectives, and user experience at every touch point of the user value chain. It's more than just a few "growth hacks" and relying on what's worked before, it's meticulously auditing your current initiatives, benchmarking them against a comprehensive list of actionable items and then identifying improvement areas to grow your business.

Creative Direction

Understanding how people behave, what customers believe, and how users feel, underlies our human-focused method for creating memorable digital interactions. From conceptualization to execution, I combine art, psychology, & data to create technology solutions that perform at the highest level.

  • A few hobbies

    I remember once after college (or uni for everyone outside the U.S.) a friend told me, “you know what your problem is, you’re a dilettante”.

    While we’ve lost touch, the term somewhat resonated with me for a while. I can play guitar, but I’m no Hendrix, I enjoy painting but I’m no Picasso, I love to write, but I’m no Marquez, and the question was – what does that make me? Simple, just a guy who likes to do those things and many more because they’re fun. I mean hell, we live once, may as well get in as much of it in as you can. So what do I like to do in my spare time?

  • Writing

    For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed writing, hence I reckon this blog.


    Life is too short to spend it drinking cheap wine.” – once said a random older woman on 86th and Lex. She was right, and I love the stuff. Some of my favorites come from the Priorat region, followed by the Western Cape, specifically Pinotage. I’m not going to go into a list, but there are a few I greatly enjoy, and I’ll never turn down a glass of good red.

  • Adventure Travel

    While London & Paris are great if you want to pop in on a few friends, I wouldn’t head to either for a proper holiday. Instead I’m somewhat always driven to get off that beaten path and explore. Give me a 4×4, sea or dunes, a few weeks, some remote area of the world and I’m in heaven. Next up on adventure-ism – the Budapest Bamako Rally if I can find the time and the team. Fingers X’d for a 2013 entry given the world hasn’t ended. And head over to my Vimeo to check out my documentary “30 Days in Southern Africa”.

  • Making stuff

    Very broad as this includes painting, design, websites, lamps, really anything. Figure there’s no need to leave a good idea in the head, can’t share it with anyone that way.

    Music composition

    When they asked me in High School where I see myself in 10 years, I replied “In Giant’s stadium in front of 60,000 people”. While life had a different idea, I still love music, making it, performing it, and ever so often getting up on stage to show them how it’s done.

  • Biking

    Some people love running. I’m not one of them, in fact I kinda despise it, but give me a bike, and I’ll go for a casual 30-40k ride any given Sunday. One of these days, I’d love to bike across the country – maybe for charity.

Pojectsn' stuff

  • Party Up Player

    Solving the LFG problem by letting gamers easily find each other. Mo more running around solo when you don't want to, or pairing with people who are the suck.

    Jacint Vidró

    Sometimes when I have nothing to do I design t-shirts, this is where you can get them. .


    Tweet anonymously at anyone from the @SWARMsecret Account. Also, pretty good for parties and events.

  • Github for Data

    Layer is Social Version Control For Data, a RESTful webservice written in Python, using Flask and Twilio's API framework and was built to run on top of Postgres 9.3.

    Sauce me up!

    Find where to get your drink on in New York and New Orleans.

    30 Days in Southern Africa

    72 Minute Documentary of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique shot on a hand cam.

  • SWARM Collective

    work together to create new products - We participate, organize and mentor at hackathons - We run BUILD, a monthly event focused on tying up digital loose ends.




    Team Member


    ESADE, MBA 2008


    TULANE, BSM 2001


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A Look at the NYC Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, ESADE Forum PWC, NYC NY Apr 2015

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Next Top Startup, Master of Ceremonies, Barcelona, Spain, 17 June 2010

Sun, Sand and Startups, Barcelona, Spain, 19 May 2010

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